The Block Gatwick  has wrapped, and what a huge season it was – one full of of great design,  doses of drama, and of course – wonderful wardrobes!

Congratulations to contestants Hayden & Sara for taking out the winning title after selling their apartment for $3.02 million, landing them a $545,000 profit. Added to that is the $100,000 cash prize for winning, giving them a total amount of takings to the tune of $645,000.

Last night’s auction finale was a rollercoaster ride of excitement, with nerves highly strung amid Melbourne’s current low market rates. However The Block proved that it is a force of it own, managing sell every apartment with a profit.

Here’s how everyone placed;

The winners: Hayden and Sara

Reserve: $2,475,000

Sale price: $3,020,000

Profit: $645,000 ($545,000 plus $100,000 prize money)

Kerrie and Spence

Reserve: $2,435,000

Sale price: $2,850,000

Profit: $415,000

Courtney and Hans

Reserve: $2,360,000

Sale price: $2,770,000

Profit: $410,000

Bianca and Carla

Reserve: $2,690,000

Sale price: $2,991,000

Profit: $301,000

Norm and Jess

Reserve: $2,650,000

Sale price: $2,859,000

Profit: $209,000

Sydneysiders  Hayden & Sara certainly had a bumpy road to victory, making their win that much sweeter in the end.

While not every space they created got glowing reviews from the judges, the 3 Kinsman Wardrobes they created for the master bedroom and 2 guest bedrooms were a hit with the judges, who loved the stylish finishes as well as the storage solutions.  

We hope you feel inspired by all of the beautiful wardrobes you’ve seen on The Block this season!

If you’re curious about having a Kinsman Wardrobe within your home own, simple get started by booking a free design appointment for your own home right here.