Storage Solutions

Clever storage and organization are key features of modern kitchens, and it’s an element you’ll appreciate on a daily basis. Maximize your kitchen space by including pull-out pantries, storage drawers, inserts, swing-out shelving and hidden bins. Your kitchen will not only be a pleasure to use, it will also stay neater – perfect for open plan living.


Internal drawers
If your kitchen’s small or you want to maximise your storage, internal drawers make it easy to reach everything.

Clever drawer insert
Cleverly designed to maximise storage space, this drawer insert keeps big pots and pans organised and within easy reach when you’re cooking.

Quick and easy organisation
The Vary Tray Drawer makes organising your cutlery drawer quick and easy so cooking’s stress free and enjoyable.

Hidden bins
Hide your bins and attach the lid to the cupboard so it slides out with a self-opening lid for easy cleaning up, recycling or composting.

Make the most of your cupboard space
Keeping your bakeware, servingware and pots organised and within easy reach is simple with this internal drawer, and you can add gallery rails for pots.

Pull out pantry
This pull out pantry gives you lots of storage space inside a narrow cupboard. The baskets are adjustable and it’s easy to reach everything.

Clever corner half carousel
This two-level corner half carousel is a clever way to turn hard to reach corners into storage, with swivel shelves making everything easy to reach.



Slide out kitchen storage drawer
This clever storage unit makes it easy to keep your pantry organised; storing your spreads, jars and cooking ingredients neatly and within easy reach.


Platinum Range Black Glass Climber Cabinets
Imported from Germany, the Black Glass Climber Cabinets are the epitome of stylish storage. At a touch of a button, six glass slats glide upwards and LED Downlights illuminate the inside of the cabinets to showcase the objects within. The cabinets are 720 high and are available in either 600mm or 900mm widths. Two clear glass shelves are supplied with the black carcass interior.