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Design your space in 3D2022-04-22T09:21:24+10:00
Launch the Room Planner

Our new room planner makes design easy and brings your kitchen or wardrobe space to life.

What to expect from the room planner:

  • Create your actual space using our Cube Range
  • Find inspiration from our expert-designed kitchens and wardrobes in the design-from photo feature
  • Customise your door finishes, internals colours, handles and so much more
  • Share your designs with family and friends
  • Build upon your existing design by sharing it with a Kinsman design expert

Our planner offers the latest Cube range to design your kitchen and wardrobe. For more options, explore other ranges or speak to one of our design experts.

Start your design journey. Launch the Room Planner

Get the look

Get the look

Get the look

Get the look

Get the look

Get all the tips and tricks to build your kitchen and save $$$.

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If you prefer to get help, speak to one of our expert designers to complete your design.

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What is the Kinsman’s Room Planner?2022-02-22T14:50:16+11:00

The Kinsman’s Room Planner is an easy-to-use application to help you make better and more confident design decisions that are sure to work in your space. You can use it to see how different styles or finishes of cabinets will look in a room or to design an entire kitchen or wardrobe from scratch. Modify flooring and update the paint selection to create the most accurate representation of the space you wish to furnish. Kinsman’s Room Planner will help you to refine your ideas and ensure the fit of your design. 

Can I save my design and work on it later?2022-02-22T13:14:11+11:00

Yes. Projects can be saved, reopened, and worked on multiple times. Read more about how to Save Your Design.

How does the Room Planner work?2022-02-22T13:22:15+11:00

There are different options to start off your design journey. If you are a beginner with limited design experience we suggest you start from the ‘design-from-photo’ option which gives you the opportunity to choose from a number of pre-designed kitchen or wardrobe designs. You can add or tweak this design to suit your dimensions and your taste. For expert help you can also book a design appointment. 

Who is the Room Planner for?2022-02-22T14:41:15+11:00

The Room Planner is an application designed for anyone who wants to try his hand at designing a dream space, be it kitchen or wardrobe using the Cube Range. It is the start of the kitchen or wardrobe journey and will serve as an inspiration of what you can achieve in your space. For more inspo ideas, you can download our catalogue and you can also book in a design appointment with one of our expert designers. 

Why should I use the Room Planner?2022-02-22T15:04:55+11:00

The Room Planner is useful as inspiration tool to kick start your kitchen or wardrobe journey. It will help you think about the layout of your room and how you wish to allocate your space. The Room Planner will also give you an idea of what looks best in your current surroundings and also be a good stepping stone onto the next part of your kitchen and wardrobe journey.