Apartment 1 – First Guest Bedroom

//Apartment 1 – First Guest Bedroom
Apartment 1 – First Guest Bedroom2019-10-18T11:44:13+11:00

Kerrie & Spence

Apartment 1 - Guest Kerrie & Spence
Apartment 1 - Guest Kerrie & Spence

In Kerrie & Spence’s Guest Room Walk-in Wardrobe, the judges were all very impressed with the size and scale. The agreed that the storage is excellent and Shaynna (the ‘Storage Queen’) was in love with the double-depth shoe racks.


  • Open walk-in
  • Internals in Bottega Oak


  • Integrated shoe rack
  • Pull-out Tie Rack
  • Jewellery drawer insert
  • Pull-out shoe rack
  • Wardrobe rail

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