House 3 – Daniel & Jade

A monochromatic colour palette of dark timber tone, Bottega Oak, and the contrasting interior of grey textile creates a soft and opulent aesthetic to this guest bedroom. With shoe rack pull outs, plenty of drawer and hanging space, the lightly coloured interior finish paired with Warm LED lighting lends itself well to visibility of garments within the wardrobe and adds warmth to this cool and natural colour palette. Jade and Daniel have chosen Matt Black Brave Bow handles which takes this wardrobe back in time through its grand design and ornate detail; which complements the texture of the oak-look doors.

Key Features:

Cabinetry: Exterior doors – Bottega Oak Woodmatt,
Interior finish – Grey Textile
Handles: NEW Brave Bow Matt Black Handle (38-M-08), Touch Catch
Accessories: Shoe Racks
Lighting: LED Light Bar in Black

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