Orga Tray 600
Size: Up to 900mm wide. Suits cabinet widths: 300mm/400mm/450mm/500mm/600mm/800mm/900mm. Material: 100% recyclable steel.
Orga Tray 570
Size: Available in up to 600mm wide and up to 1000mm wide. Plastic cutlery tray with variable dividers.
Crosswise 3
Size: 600mm wide Material: Silver surface finish. Includes 1 crosswise rail and 3 org elements. Also available in 800mm/900m/1000mm wide drawers.
Topside drawer insert
Fits within drawer to stop items falling between railing and drawer frame. Material: Translucent Plastic. Can be combined with Crosswise railing.
Under sink orgaflex unit
Make the most of under sink space with a pull out drawer.
Glass-sided drawers
For more visibility into your drawer space and a clean, modern look.