Inspiring benchtop trends seen at EuroCucina 2024

It may only come around every second year, but when it does, the whole of Kinsman HQ is abuzz. Held in one of the largest global capitals of fashion and design, Milan, this biannual event unfolds over a week alongside the esteemed Milan Furniture Fair. EuroCucina is known for spotlighting the pinnacle of international kitchen design, showcasing everything from colour and style trends to cutting-edge technology. For those in the know, its the fair to attend. 

Priding ourselves of brining the best in quality and design from around the globe to Australian homes, the Kinsman design team was thrilled to attend, and below we share our favourite trends that caught our eye, particularly in the realm of kitchen benchtops. 

Display units within benchtops

EuroCucina showcases more than just the latest materials, colours, and cooking and cleaning appliances – it celebrates the kitchen’s unique role as the hear of the home. Designs are meticulously crafted to cultivate spaces that blend functionality with aesthetics and liveability. Kitchen island benches are perfect example, combining functional elements such as ample storage with inviting seating areas for gatherings with friends and family. They also often serve as a bridge, connecting the kitchen with adjacent living and dining spaces. 

Eye-catching display units within benchtops were seen throughout the fair, serving as focal points where decorative accents infuse personality and colour. These features were often enhanced by vertical lighting integrated within the cabinetry, elevating the overall ambiance with a touch of luxury. 


Display unit within benchtops.

A fusion of colours and materials across benches

At EuroCucina, we were impressed by the diverse palette of colours and materials used across benchtops. The prevalence of two-tone colour schemes and innovative material combinations, such as steel or aluminium paired with timber, exuded a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic. Marble surfaces were also strongly featured, with designs featuring pink veining emerging as a notable trend. This growing affinity for marble and timber in countertop design seamlessly aligns with one of the key design movements in Australians kitchens, which leans towards organic hues and textures or a natural and inviting look – a trend that has gained a lot of momentum in recent years. 

Pink Marbled Benchtops
Integrated Benchtop
Integrated Benchtop with wood side panel

Close design relationship between benchtops and appliances 

The integration between kitchen design and technology lies at the core of EuroCucina. This was exemplified by the emphasis on connecting benches with kitchen appliances, especially across island benches. Standout features included designs that seamlessly covered and concealed appliances with a countertop, which could then be effortlessly moved aside to reveal cooking appliances like cooktops! Bellissimo!

Slim profiles dominated designs

In keeping with designs that celebrate sleek, urban, and modern styles, benchtop profiles tended to be thinner – think 10mm or 20mm thick. This allows the beauty of the benchtop to shine, whilst also complimenting the cabinetry. We also noticed that handles were kept sleek, often matching the colourway of doors and counters, or were integrated, keeping focus on other elements of the kitchen. 

Slim profile benchtop
Slim Profile Benchtop

Organic shapes paired with contemporary finishes

While modern metal materials such as aluminium and steel reigned supreme across both benchtops and cabinetry, the overall aesthetic was often softened by the incorporation of rounded edges, balancing form and function. Some displays even featured circular designs amidst the predominantly traditional rectangular island bench layouts. Additionally, we observed designs that elevated island benches to the heart of the kitchen, blending natural stone or marble with striking appliances, ample storage solutions, and thoughtful inclusions for showcasing cookbooks and pantry staples in style. 

Contemporary handles with steel style appliance
Unique cook top design on top of bench.
Circular table on top of bench

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