The Kinsman kitchens revealed on The Block 2023 blended form with function resulting in five stunning kitchens that wowed the judges and viewers. Each state-of-the-art kitchen was elevated by an array of clever and innovative appliances from renowned brands, Electrolux, ASKO, Smeg, Fisher & Paykel and LG supplied by and available at The Good Guys.

From that statement orange Smeg oven to next-gen wine cabinets and gourmet ovens and cooktops that will delight any home chef, step inside each kitchen, and discover how you can take your kitchen to the next level with high-quality, must-have cooking and cleaning appliances. 

House 5. Eliza and Liberty

WE LOVE: The Smeg Portofino 90cm Induction Upright Cooker in Orange from The Good Guys

Eliza and Liberty made a bold design statement with their appliance selection in their eye-catching kitchen, a decision that helped lead them to win take out the coveted win for Kitchen Week. Taking centre stage within their kitchen was the Smeg Portofino 90cm Induction Upright Cooker in Orange (CPF9IPOR) and matching Rangehood. Inspired by Italian sunsets, this eye-catching cooker combines induction innovation and self-cleaning smarts with instant glam. Serve feasts faster with a spacious oven cavity that can reach 200°C in six minutes!

“It’s a very bold move to make, I personally love it, because I love orange, it’s a colour that makes me so happy,” said The Block judge Neale Whitaker with a smile. “It’s such a vibrant, positive colour – not for everyone – but good on Eliza and Liberty for doing it and taking that risk!”

Full appliance list:

  • Smeg 90cm Portofino Induction Orange Upright Cooker (CPF9IPOR)
  • Smeg 90cm Portofino Orange Rangehood (KPFA9OR)
  • Smeg Integrated Fridge [1x LH + 1x RH] (SABI256BM)
  • Smeg 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher (DWAFI6314-2)
  • Smeg 45cm Linea Compact Speed Oven – Silver (SOA4102M1S)
  • Smeg 60cm Wine Cellar (CVIA638RN3)
Luxury appliances for your kitchen

House 1. Kyle & Leslie

WE LOVE: The Vintec 170 Bottle Wine Cabinet from The Good Guys

Always a crowd-pleaser for wine connoisseurs or keen entertainers, according to the experts at The Good Guys, 2023 is the year of the wine cabinet! The perfect addition to any home and kitchen, there are so many options to choose from, from statement standalone designs to smaller units that can be fitted within a kitchen island bench.

Kyle & Leslie from House 1 certainly received the memo, opting for the stunning Vintec 170 Bottle Wine Cabinet (190SG2E-BKLH). Located in the perfect spot along their back wall of Oak Woodgrain Kinsman kitchen cabinets, this must-have addition elevates the functionality and style of their beautiful kitchen!

 Full appliance list:

  • Electrolux 90cm Hybrid induction Cooktop (EHH957BE)
  • Electrolux 86CM Dark Stainless Integrated (ERI842DSD)
  • Electrolux 60cm Pyrolytic Steam Oven Dark Stainless Steel (EVEP619DSE)
  • Electrolux 44L BI Combi Microwave Oven (EVEM645DSE)
  • Electrolux 60cm Built Under Dishwasher (ESF97400RKX)
  • Electrolux 496L UltimateTaste 500 bottom freezer refrigerator (EBE5307BC-L & EBE5307BC-R)
  • Electrolux 14CM BI WARMING DRAWER (EWD1402DSE)
  • Vintec 170 Bottle Wine Cabinet (190SG2E-BKLH)
luxury kitchen appliances

House 2. Leah & Ash

 WE LOVE: Smeg 90cm Area Induction Linea Cooktop in Silver from The Good Guys

 Not ones to shy away from making a style statement, Leah and Ash produced a kitchen that was sleek and stylish. Their Smeg appliance selection was the perfect match for their style, proving that you don’t need to compromise on your appliances in a compact kitchen space.

One of the standouts of the Smeg appliances featured throughout their kitchen is the 90cm Area Induction Linea Cooktop in Silver. With its glassy ceramic surface with a TFT display, cooking has never been easier. The design is incredibly flexible, allowing you to place up to 6 pots or pans on the hob at any time. The best part? Simply place your pans down where you need- there are no designated heat spots- the heat will literally follow to wherever it needs to be!

 Full appliance list:

  • Smeg 60CM Steam100 Pro Oven – Silver (SOA6104S4PS)
  • Smeg PF 15cm Linea Sous-Vide Vacuum Draw Silver (CPV115S)
  • Smeg 90cm Area Induction Linea C/Top – Silver (SIA1963DS)
  • Smeg Integrated Hood Stainless Steel (SHU920X)
  • Smeg 60cm Fully Integrated Dishwasher (DWAFI6314-2)
  • Smeg Integrated Fridge (SABI256BM)
  • Smeg 45cm Linea Compact Speed Oven – Silver (SOA4102M1S)
  • Smeg 60cm Wine Cellar (CVIA638RN3)

House 3. Kristy & Brett

 WE LOVE: The series of ASKO Pro Forma Ovens & a very clever Fusion Gas Induction Cooktop from The Good Guys

 A masterclass in Modern Luxury, Kristy and Brett have created kitchen that balances style with functionality. Their ASKO cooking appliance selection is a focal point within the design, ensuring that it’s a home cooks dream come true!

The back wall of cabinetry spans an impressive 5.5 metres, evoking a seamless look with Fresh White Satin doors concealing two integrated fridges and plenty of storage. The layout features FOUR ASKO Pro Forma ovens (yes you read that correctly), and a clever gas/induction fusion cooktop that ensures cooking in their kitchen is easy and enjoyable. In a clever use of space, the pair utilised a spare wall near the kitchen, adding two ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets positioned at the end of the island run, where guests can gather and sit.

 Full appliance list:

  • ASKO OF 90cm Fusion Gas Induction Cooktop Matt Finish (HIGI994MD)
  • ASKO Roasting pan / Tep Plate / Grill plate
  • ASKO Pro Forma 60cm Craft Pyro Oven – Black Steel (OP8687B)
  • ASKO Pro Forma 60cm Craft Combi Steam Oven – Black Steel (OCS8687B)
  • ASKO Pro Forma 45cm Craft Combi Steam Oven – Black Steel (OCS8487B)
  • ASKO Pro Forma 45cm Craft Combi Micro Oven – Black Steel (OCM8487B)
  • ASKO Fridge/Freezer Combination (RFN31841I)
  • ASKO Wine climate cabinet (WCN311942G)
  • ASKO Fully Integrated Dishwasher Standard Size (DBI654IB)
  • Elica 900mm Undermount Rangehood Onboard Motor (CT35PROIX/A90)

House 4. Steph & Gian

WE LOVE: The double Fisher & Paykel 351L Integrated Refrigerators from The Good Guys

What could be better than an incredible integrated fridge within your kitchen? Two of them of course! This is exactly what Steph and Gian included in their modern kitchen design, which aimed to cater for families that love to cook and entertain. 

The couple selected the Fisher & Paykel 351L Integrated Refrigerators, concealing them behind our new Porto Maple Woodmatt cabinetry for a seamless look, perfect for their Japandi aesthetic. The fridges offer Fridge, Pantry or Chill modes, providing optimal storage with variable temperature zones making it the perfect addition to any home and kitchen.

“Our kitchen is designed for those who love to cook and entertain, and I’m obsessed with the Fisher & Paykel appliances!” said Steph.

Full appliance list:

  • Fisher & Paykel Combination Steam Oven, 60cm, 23 Function (OS60SDTDB1)
  • Fisher & Paykel Combination Microwave Oven, 60cm (OM60NDBB1)
  • Fisher & Paykel Induction Cooktop, 83cm, 4 Zones with Integrated Ventilation (CID834DTB4)
  • Fisher & Paykel Integrated Column Refrigerator, 61cm [LH] (RS6121SLHK1)
  • Fisher & Paykel Integrated Column Freezer, 61cm, Ice [RH] (RS6121FRJK1)
  • Fisher & Paykel Integrated Column Wine Cabinet, 61cm [LH] (RS6121V2RK1)
  • Fisher & Paykel Integrated Double DishDrawer™ Dishwasher (DD60DI9)
  • Fisher & Paykel Oven, 60cm, 16 Function, Self-cleaning (OB60SDPTDB1)
  • Fisher & Paykel Vacuum Seal Drawer, 60cm (VB60SDEB1)
  • Fisher & Paykel Integrated CoolDrawer™ Multi-temperature Drawer (RB90S64MKIW1)
  • Fisher & Paykel Wine Cabinet Stainless steel door panel kit [LH] (RD6121VL4)

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