As any seasoned renovator can tell you, renovations are often full of surprises, and having a project finish on time can seem like a rarity rather than the norm. The more stages, suppliers and variables there are involved, the more chance there is for any number of delays. 

So what do you do when you have a firm deadline – for example, you really need your new kitchen by Christmas? 

There IS a way that can be faster, without compromising on quality: it’s the flat pack kitchen.

What is a flat pack kitchen – and why is it faster?

A flat pack kitchen is basically all your kitchen cabinetry supplied to you with the cabinet doors and boards in flat packs, which you then need to assemble and install.

Because there’s less customisation involved and you’re selecting from a curated range, the manufacturing process can be ‘expressed’ – in fact, you can have a Kinsman Xpress flat pack kitchen delivered to your door in as little as 10 days (from receipt of final payment).

However when it comes to the product itself, you need to know that not all flat packs are created equal – between brands, there’s a vast difference in style choices, quality of materials, and the amount of assembly required.

There are cheap options and the quality will reflect that, and then there’s the more affordable ‘designer look for less’ options which won’t compromise on the quality you’re looking for.


What’s the difference between flat pack kitchen brands – comparing range, quality and easy of assembly?

Many of the cheapest types of flat pack kitchens such as those you are able to buy off the shelf and take home are extremely limited in their range of door styles and colours. So if you go down this route you risk having your new kitchen look more basic and generic than you’d like – and any prospective future buyers of your home may share that impression.

Fortunately with Kinsman Kitchen’s stylish Xpress range, we’ve selected several of the most popular styles and colours and made them available in a curated range which satisfies different tastes, with options to mix and match colours to express your style. It also comes delivered to your door – so no need to lug it home yourself. And it can be delivered in as little as 10 days after final payment – this is the Xpress way!

Quality is often another issue with flat pack kitchens. The cheapest options won’t include details that are offered in more expensive designer ranges.

This is where Xpress is a cut above the rest.  Whilst still being affordable, the Xpress kitchen range comes standard with soft close drawers and doors, highly moisture resistant cabinetry, strong ABS edging to avoid chipping, and adjustable commercial grade polymer legs.

Ease of assembly is another big factor to consider. With most flat packs, you’ll need to do a lot of work in this stage, such as drilling holes in exactly the right spots (and there will be quite a lot of them). 

With an Xpress range kitchen, you’ll LOVE that we’ve pre-drilled the holes for the dowel construction, saving you a lot of time and potentially money, if this step is something you would have paid for.

Ready to start your flat pack kitchen renovation?  

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*Xpress kitchen range kitchens delivered in approx. 10 days after receipt of final payment.