The Block 2021: More Wonderful Wardrobes

The Block contestants are busy working on their third Guest Bedroom this week and with the help of Kinsman they will also deliver a stylish and functional wardrobe to impress the judges!

Last year the Block contestants used their spaces to create children’s bedrooms with ample storage and accessories in their homes. 

Take a closer look as we step inside each space and be inspired!

House 1: Ronnie and Georgia, Score: 29/30, Place: 1st


An elegant Hinged wardrobe is a perfect choice for Ronnie and Georgia’s winning Second Guest Bedroom, which they designed for a teenage girl with the flexibility of changing it if needed. Their sophisticated signature palette is seen again through a mixture of Montauk White Matt exterior doors paired with Satin Brass Rounded Bar handles, which add the perfect amount of glamour and interest to the design.

The judges loved the room as a whole, with its striped wallpaper and successful mixture of patterns. “This palette and the pattern is my favourite room on The Block so far,” said Shaynna Blaze. All three judges loved the wardrobe, saying it was speculator. “Look at how many cupboards there are here, exclaimed Shaynna. Look at that! Perfect!”

As always, practicality plays a significant role in the success of this robe, with the doors opening up to Natural Oak Matt interiors, LED Black Light Bars, and storage accessories such as the Shoe Rack Pull Out and a Folding Mirror. A blend of full and half hanging space, open shelving and soft-close drawers complete the look.

Key Features:
· Exterior doors: NEW Montauk White Matt
· Interior finish: Natural Oak Matt
· Handles: Satin Brass Rounded Bar 34-K-155
· Accessories: Häfele Flexstore Shoe Rack Pull Out, Folding Mirror
· Lighting: Häfele LED Light Bar in Black


Master Bedroom Walk-in Robe – Redo 


Ronnie and Georgia also presented their Master Walk-in Wardrobe as their Redo Room this week. Taking on the judges’ feedback regarding the smaller size of the robe, Ronnie and Georgia reworked the area using a mix of new and existing Kinsman Wardrobe cabinetry to increase storage space and create a more spacious layout.

“We’ve extended the walls by 300 (millimetres) and then gone out an extra 1.2 (metres). It’s fifty percent bigger, explains Ronnie. It finally looks like it fits with the master bedroom.” The judges were blown away by the difference in the room. “Oh yes! Yes, cried Shaynna. This is the wardrobe that fits the bedroom, that fits the bathroom, that makes this a win!” “This just perfect,” added Neale Whitaker. All agreed that if this design had been delivered in the first judging, they would have scored 30/30.

The new design features two banks of cabinetry, one of which provides generous hanging space – both full and half hanging, ensuring plenty of room for storing long clothing such as dresses, coats, suits, shirts, trousers, and the like.

On the other side, more hanging space has been provided, as well as concealed drawers, open shelves, and a desk topped in Caesarstone® Noble Grey. The chic Coastal colour palette remains, with the couple selecting Shaker-profile Montauk doors in White Matt, timber-look Natural Oak Matt interiors, and Satin Brass Rounded Bar handles. Premium LED Verti-Strip Lighting illuminates the robe, while Laundry Bag Pull Outs and Wire Basket Pull Outs add the finishing touches.

Key Features:
· Exterior doors: NEW Montauk White Matt
· Interior finish: Natural Oak Matt
· Benchtop: Caesarstone® Noble Grey
· Handles: Satin Brass Rounded Bar 34-K-155
· Accessories: Häfele Flexstore Laundry Bag Pull Out and Flexstore Wire Basket Pull Outs
· Lighting: Häfele Premium LED Verti-Strip Lighting


House 2: Mitch & Mark, Score: 28/30, Place: 3rd

This week Mitch and Mark created a whimsical children’s room with a gender-neutral colour palette to suit a jungle theme. Striking green Enamel Natural exterior doors provide a stunning focal point. Oak Timber Rounded Bar handles are used to open the Hinged robe, exposing Greige Textile Natural interiors.

The judges loved the green hue of the robe doors and felt that the styling inside was magic. The styling also showcased the capacity of how you can store both clothes and toys within your wardrobe space to keep clutter to a minimum.

LED door sensors activate Premium LED Verti-Strip lighting when the doors are opened, illuminating the contents within. Storage is maximised through a combination of hanging space, drawers, shelving and storage accessories, including a Folding Mirror and Flexstore Shoe Rack Pull Out.

Key Features:
· Exterior doors: NEW Enamel Natural
· Interior finish: Greige Textile Natural
· Handles: Oak Timber Rounded Bar 34-K-152
· Accessories: Häfele Flexstore Shoe Rack Pull Out, Folding Mirror, LED Door Sensors
· Lighting: Häfele Premium LED Verti-Strip


House 3: Tanya & Vito, Score: 27, Place: 4th

Parents Tanya and Vito also opted to present a children’s room this week. Showcasing standout features such as oversized terrazzo wallpaper, built-in bunk beds and a Hinged robe, the space will transport its owners into their own little world.

“I can’t help but love it, smiled Neale. They’ve created this sort of self-contained little world for a kid.” In fact, the room transported him back to his childhood with its fun and playful design and feel.

The pair selected a classic white and timber palette for the Hinged robe, achieved with White Satin exterior doors, interiors, and Oak Bar handles. Within the robe itself, the couple focused on maximising storage for the future user of this room, opting for a blend of full and half hanging space, drawers and open shelves. Open-box storage at the top of the robe provides the perfect place to store accessories and items that are not often in use while ensuring they are still easy to access when needed.

Key Features:
· Exterior doors: White Satin
· Interior finish: White Satin
· Handles: Oak Bar 22-K-122
· Accessories: Häfele Folding Mirror
· Lighting: Häfele LED Light Bar in Black


House 4: Luke & Josh Score: 20/30 Place: 5th


Framing a window within their Second Guest Bedroom, Luke and Josh have created a simple yet eye-catching U-shaped wardrobe. In keeping with their signature dark and moody style, the robe features Bottega Oak Woodmatt doors with Black Alumin Full Frames. Premium LED Verti-Strip Lighting highlights Estella Oak Matt interiors, and gaining as much storage as possible has also been a focus, as seen through the mixture of open shelving, drawers and hanging space.

The twins had had a tough week, just missing out on a win the previous week for their Master Bathroom and then having to remove the wall to it as well as it didn’t comply with the building plans. Unfortunately, the blows kept coming, with the judges feeling underwhelmed and confused by the design and styling choices in their Second Guest Bedroom. Darren quickly pointed out that the one feature he liked in the space was the wardrobe joinery and that it felt connected to the rest of the house.

Key Features:
· Exterior doors: NEW Black Alumin Frame Full, Bottega Oak Woodmatt
· Interior finish: NEW Estella Oak Matt
· Lighting: Häfele Premium LED Verti-Strip Lighting


House 5: Kirsty & Jesse Score: 28.5/30 Place: 2nd


Kirsty and Jesse produced a sweet and warm children’s room, the third this week. No small feat when they had been working on two bedrooms, two bathrooms and their redo room! “The kids have gone to the Hamptons, cried Neale upon entering the room. It’s got such a fresh and happy feel to it.” They felt it was a room that would tug on the heartstrings of families looking for a family home.

The couple proves that a window’s placement is a positive rather than a negative when designing a wardrobe for a secondary bedroom. The pair opted to use the window in the room as the centrepiece to plan their U-shaped robe around.

The white of the Shaker-profile Montauk exterior doors pair beautifully with the plantation shutters that dress the window. Satin Brass Rounded Bar handles add the finishing touch to creating the Hamptons style found throughout their home. Premium LED Verti-Strip lighting adds to the luxury of the robe while still being highly functional, and by adding the drawers below the window, a banquette seat has been formed.

Key Features:
· Exterior doors: NEW Montauk White Matt
· Interior finish: Natural Oak Matt
· Handles: Satin Brass Rounded Bar 34-K-155
· Lighting: Häfele Premium LED Verti-Strip Lighting

Don’t forget to tune in for the biggest week on The Block: Kitchen Week! View from 7.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; and then at 7pm for the big reveals on Sunday!

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