If you haven’t heard of the de-cluttering queen Marie Kondo yet, you may have been living under a rock.

The Japanese tidying sensation with her own show on Netflix has quickly collected a legion of fans, all in the quest to cull their clutter and keep only those belongings that ‘spark joy’.  Her approach to tidying, called the KonMari method, gives thanks to the items for their service before discarding them, and then re-organises the remaining belongings for minimalistic bliss.

When it comes to wardrobes in particular, the KonMari method is a great approach for de-cluttering – and the start of the year is the perfect time to do it. Even if you don’t subscribe to all of Marie Kondo’s steps, the basic principles are solid enough to guide you from clutter to calm.

So if you’d like to learn how to keep a brand new wardrobe from Kinsman in top organisational shape, why not try some of the tips below.

Tips for decluttering your wardrobe

1. Review each item, one by one.  And in keeping with Marie, that means taking everything out of your wardrobe, putting it into one big pile on the floor, and then reviewing each item with consideration. With each, ask yourself, “Does this item ‘spark joy’?” If the answer is no, then it’s got to go. Sell, give away or donate items in good condition, and discard those that aren’t (thanking it first for its service is part of the KonMarie way, but we won’t judge you for skipping this part).

2. Review by category, not location. While in purge mode, be sure to consider items across all rooms, not just the bedroom, so that you can get rid of any duplicates. For example you may have winter clothes stored in the spare room or a garage – these need to be reviewed along with all your other clothes at the same time.

3. Re-imagine your storage.
Once you’ve culled the clutter, it’s easier to find better ways to store what’s left. Clever space-saving solutions like pull-out hanging racks, shoe shelves and compartment drawers for accessories gives everything its place – but if your current wardrobe doesn’t have these, it may be time to speak to a designer at Kinsman Wardrobes. When it comes to folding your T-shirts, shorts, socks and underwear, try folding them to display vertically like Marie does, so that everything’s accessible at a glance, rather than stacked.

4. Style your wardrobe like a store. Have you ever gone shopping for clothes and pulled something out that catches your eye, only to realise that you already own it? But somehow it looks so much better in the store!  That’s the magic of putting things on display. You can gain a lot of pleasure from a wardrobe that’s thoughtfully styled like a retail space, respecting each item. It may not always get seen by others, but having your best designer shoes, caps or handbags showcased on shelves like a high-end store is sure to ‘spark joy’. 

With a new wardrobe from Kinsman Wardrobes, you can choose to have premium external and interior finishes such as a linen or timber look, to match décor in your bedroom. Add some LED mood lighting and a full length mirror, and your wardrobe becomes more than just a storage space – it’s a joyful ‘change room’ experience. 


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